Trekking in Nepal in June

trekking in nepal in June

For a trekker, the season must not be a barrier, especially when you look for thrill, adventure, avoiding crowd in total.

Due to the adverse weather conditions (comparatively Spring [Feb to May] & Autumn [Setember to November] are more favorable seasons for trekking in Nepal), most of the trekkers around the world are not interested in trekking in Nepal in June. But does it stop the trekking completely?

Never, travel enthusiasts who love those uncertainties, come in flocks, team-up, and still explore nature even with more energy!

Here in this article, I am going to give complete details of how trekking will look like in June in Nepal, along with some best treks recommendations.


How Bad is the Nepal Climate in June?

The problem is rain, heavy rainfall throughout the mountainous region due to the South-Eastern wind.

Around 80% of the total rainfall in Nepal occurs in June, but at the same time, as you keep moving to higher altitudes, the amount of rainfall decreases.

And there is a huge difference in the temperature between the Terai region and the Alpine region of this diversified country, making it more interesting to the world.

You get somewhere around 400 cm of rainfall in Pokhara, whereas there are rain shadow regions amidst the majestic mountains which receive less than 50 cm of rainfall.

The temperature varies with respect to the timings and the heights where the temperature in the daytime reaches till 30-degree centigrade, and at night gets dropped below 20-degree centigrade.

Along with that, there are frequent landslides and avalanche breakdowns, which creates a total mess for the trekkers who come for trekking in Nepal in June.

But as I said earlier, despite so many difficulties, thousands of backpackers come to Nepal in June for trekking as they love that thrill, that joy of trekking overcoming all the obstacles reaching their destination as a team.

Best Treks in Nepal in June

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek is the most appropriate trek for June in Nepal, as it comes at the top of the list.

The entire trek region falls under the rain shadow area of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountainous regions and receives very less or no rainfall at all.

Thus making it an awesome trekking trail for June in Nepal. It is mainly a hard rocky valley flooded with ancient Tibetian monasteries, temples, Gompas (ancient caves), and palaces.

Finest views of Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhaulagiri, and Mount Nilgiri for the hill roads and satisfy yourself with sheer amazement.

Dolpo-Phoksundo Lake Trek

The main attraction of this trek is the Phoksundo Lake, which is considered to be the deepest lake in Nepal. A heavenly place for nature lovers who can explore the lake along with the surrounding places with great satisfaction.

Along with these, you will be exploring the ancient Gompas(caves) and the Buddhist monasteries scattered all around the pathway.

Shey Gompa is an ancient Buddhist Gompa depicting the art and culture of the eleventh century.

Dolpo is a Tibetan plateau region, which is the best suitable to be visited in June because, most of the time during the year, the trek is closed due to snowfall and avalanche.

In June, the climate is quite hot and humid, and the barriers are opened for trekking enthusiasts.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

A comparatively less crowded trek, but with the best wilderness such as wild rain forests, lush green hilly areas, hot water springs, natural flora, and fauna.

Amidst this typical wild atmosphere, you will delightfully explore a chunk of ancient Tibetian Gompas (caves) where Tibetian monks are still holding that ancient Tibetian Buddhist culture with plenty of followers.

Apart from that, you will discover the Tibetian monasteries, which signify the ancient Tibetian Beliefs and culture.

As you start the journey from Lamjung Besisahar, in June, there can be frequent rainfalls. Sometimes there can also be sudden landslides; be prepared for that.

But, not to worry as the rainfall gets reduced as you keep moving forward.

This happens because the initial point Besisahar is a valley attracting huge rainfall in June, whereas, the Nar Phu Valley trekking pathway falls entirely in the rain shadow areas of North Eastern Annapurna Ranges.

Everest Base Camp Trek

As you know that Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trek in the world, you will still see a good number of tourists coming for this trek in June, despite bad climatic conditions.

That is why you will find most of the tea-houses opened during June too.

The enigmatic view of several world-famous peaks will be completely fulfilling your desire.

You will also be visiting Sherpa villages like NamcheBazaar, Tyangboche, and Dingboche, where all sorts of necessary items are available that you might need to carry for the trek.

The good news is, as you keep climbing higher, the rainfall will get reduced. One more advantage is the less crowded atmosphere.

There will be trekking groups, but not as many as in the peak seasons, as you can explore nature more peacefully.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

It is the most popular trek in the world where more than twenty thousand trekkers come to do this trek.

This trek covers almost the entire Annapurna range.

You will be able to explore the tallest peaks like Mount Annapurna, Mount Machhapuchhre, Mount Manaslu, Mount Dhaulagiri, and Mount Nilgiri.

Also, the spectacular Thorong La Pass, which is the highest pass in the world, keeping aside the ancient Tibetian monasteries and the famous Muktinath Temple.

On the pathway, you will have to cross the world’s deepest gorge Kali Gandaki, the most thrilling part of this entire trek.

This trek is not suitable in the winter and most of the other seasons in the year, as the places are covered with snow.

So, June is one of the perfect seasons to explore this trek.

One more advantage of this trek is the availability of the tea houses.

As most of the other treks are closed in June, most of the trekkers prefer Annapurna Circuit Trek in June, so the tea houses are opened like the regular schedule, as there is no scarcity of tourists.

And you get all sorts of facilities like shelter, hot water bathing, food, and necessary equipment for renting.

Gosaikunda Trek

One of the most beautiful places in Nepal covered with small hills, greenery, and lakes.

The unbeatable lake views will be a sheer treat to nature lovers. That is the reason; this region gets filled with foreign tourists.

Many people visit this place only for photography.

There are pilgrimage places that get populated with Hindu and Tibetian monks.

Saraswati Kunda, Vairabh Kunda are the two lakes situated in the surroundings.

Even a lot of people visit Gosai Kunda Lake for worship during the time of the Janai Purnima Festival.

Surya Kunda and Naag Kunda are two more nearby lakes where the Purnima festival takes place.

Tourists who love to explore small streams, lakes, and the hills-this place is just perfect for you.

June is the most suitable month in the year to plan for Gosai Kunda Trek when the weather is moderate, except some sudden rainfalls keep occurring.

But if you carry necessary items and protection for the rainfall, this place is mesmerizing.

Langtang Valley Trek

The highest landmark for this trek is not much high, and you can complete the trek within eight days.

Dorje Lakhpa and Gangchempo are the two most beautiful mountains which you can explore through the window panes, as the climate is moderate, cozy, and crystal bright.

From Kathmandu, this place is quite nearby, and a perfect place to visit and trek during June.

You will not find any snowfall, and the climate is also not chilly.

The lush green picturesque meadows and blooming crimson rhododendron flowers will welcome you to visit and spend some days in this fantastic place.

Things You Need to Carry While Trekking in Nepal in June

Apart from the usual trekking gears, you need to carry some extra belongings that assure safety from all kinds of sudden climatic deformations. Here is a list of such necessary items.

  • Trekking Shoes

In June, the ground will likely be slippery, as you will need good quality, pair of shoes suitable for tough trekking conditions.

  • Rain Coat/ Waterproof Jacket/Umbrella

There will be frequent rainfalls in June, and you will require at least a raincoat/waterproof jacket or an umbrella to be safe.

  • GPS Tracker

There are chances of landslides and storms, and you might get disconnected from the group. So a GPS tracker is a must.

  • Warm Clothes

Due to heavy rain and frequent climatic changes with height alterations, situations will arise where you will need warm clothes to protect yourself from chilly weather.

  • Dry Food Items

There can be land deformations due to slides, storms, heavy rain, etc. and you can get stuck along with your trekking team at some unfamiliar place within the trek. In that case, dry food items will be the savior.

  • Emergency Medicine

Irrespective of the climatic conditions, you will need emergency medical assistance. So carry the emergency medicines along with the regular ones.

  • Torch, Map, Other Electronic Gadgets

Please consult with your trekking guide in Nepal and, as per the guidance, carry all the necessary electronic gadgets, a torch, mobile phone with power bank, and other equipment.

Final Words

Treks are thrilling, fascinating, and June justifies that. People who love trekking will come for the trek in Nepal in June, irrespective of its climatic conditions.

Despite bad weather conditions and a lot of limitations, people don’t stop coming. But yeah, the number is lesser than winter and spring. So the trekking continues through ups and downs, across the mountainous region of Nepal- People keep coming in, and they will keep coming, after all, it’s the mountains, the first home for trekkers.

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