Dolpo trek is a trek in remote Dolpo region in northwestern Nepal bordering on Tibet. It is one of the highest occupied lands in Nepal. Mt. Dhaulagiri, the sixth highest mountain in the world locates in the region. The population of this region is only around five thousand people. Trekking to Dolpo region is one of the most protected and best treks to do in Nepal.

The primary income in Dolpo region is agriculture, animal husbandry, and trade. Dolpo region divides into two parts which are the Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo. Like trekking in Dolpo also can be done on a two parts Lowe Dolpo trek & Upper Dolpo trek.

In this Dolpo region treks, you will be able to explore the lifestyle of the local which remains untouched. The locals follow the pre-Buddhist Bon religion. They preserve the Tibetan culture and making it attractive to the Western. Most of the monasteries in Dolpo are either Bon or Kagyupa. You will be trekking through an endless variety of landscapes, admiring the beauty and charming nature. It is a perfect place to return for a second-time adventure.

The Phoksundo National park covers a large part of the Dolpo region. The park is considered as a national park since 1984 and is the most significant national park in the country. You will get to see Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep and the legendary Snow Leopard in the park.

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