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5 Best Travel Insurance For Trekking In Nepal To Avoid Heli Rescue Scam

Travel insurance for trekking in Nepal

To travel from one country to another, we will need travel insurance. Likewise, you will also require travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. We all know that Travel insurance is mandatory for travelers visiting Nepal for adventure activities such as trekking, peak climbing, etc. Keep in mind that, it’s not necessary to have travel insurance for short treks in Nepal which will go only on lower elevations like Poon Hill trek, Sundarijal Chisapani Nagarkot trek. Being insured before while trekking in Nepal gives you extra enjoyment. Here we are providing you with the list of our recommended best travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

Nepal is famous for adventure activities like trekking, peak climbing, expeditions, etc. Most of the people usually go to Nepal for trekking in Nepal Himalayas. It doesn’t matter wherever you are traveling. After booking a trip packing things like the bag, clothes, jacket, gear, trekking shoes are ordinary nowadays everybody knows about it. Likewise, nowadays it is also essential to have travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

Local trekking Agency in Nepal will sell you a trip with everything included( foods, accommodations, guide, porter, etc.) on your trekking packages to save your time. But none of the agencies will offer you a trip with travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

Keep in mind that, your travel Insurance must cover both the medical expenses and emergency evacuation cost. We recommend that your travel insurance is worth a minimum of  $10,000.

It is crucial that you choose an insurance policy that covers the cost of the helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of significant accidents like AMS (acute mountain sickness) because of high altitude. During such extreme cases of an emergency evacuation, a helicopter flight is the only way out of the mountains which includes a rescue team which is the main reason to require your travel insurances to cover the cost of helicopter services, evacuation from the Himalayas and medical expenses on most costly hospitals in Nepal.

A helicopter evacuation in Nepal costs a minimum of $4,000. We recommend you to choose a policy that pays doctors or hospitals and helicopter charter services directly rather than you having to settle on the spot and claim later. If your travel insurance company does not provide an upfront payment, be sure to obtain receipts from each place so that you can reclaim later without the travel insurance it’s hard to pay bills later. Here are some of our recommended best travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

  1. World Nomads(For Canadians and Americans)
  2. Insure and Go(For British)
  3. 1Cover Travel Insurance(For Australians and New Zealanders)
  4. Europ Assistance(For Europeans)
  5. Travel insurance Consultants(For South Africans)

Why do you need travel insurance for trekking in Nepal?

Travel Insurance, popularly known as traveler’s insurance is the insurance that covers the unexpected expenses like trip cancellation, flight accident, medical insurance, luggage lost and other losses incurred while traveling. Also, some travel policies cover damage to personal property.

There is no doubt that, You can travel anywhere without travel insurance. But the thing you have to understand is, you will be paying your bills in case you get sick, lose something or miss your flight. Doing Travel Insurance before while traveling allows you to travel with peace of mind without any fear.

Before doing the travel insurance for trekking in Nepal don’t forget to check your policy and make sure that you are covered for adventure activities like trekking over a certain altitude. Many travel insurance policies do not cover people over 4,000m. Considering popular treks like Everest Base camp trek, Manaslu circuit trek all have passed over 5,000 meters( Larkya La Pass at 5,160m & Kalapatthar at 5,545m) this is something you have to make sure. The best way is to call up your insurance company and ask whether you are covered for trekking in Nepal up to the elevation you will be trekking to or not.


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