How to say i love you in Nepali

How to say i love you in Nepali

Are you in love with a Nepalese girl? Are you thinking of expressing your feeling with her in her language? Keep reading this article; I will teach you how to say I love you in Nepali language.

I love you is a common English word. Everyone knows its meaning and can understand easily. If you find it hard to say I love you in Nepali, you can say it in English; they will understand it. But I will try my best to teach it to you in Nepali.

To say I love you in Nepali you can simply say “Ma Timilai Maya Garchu.” Here I mean “Ma” love means “Maya,” and you mean “Timi.” Likewise, “Garchu” stands for doing something which works here as an objective in Nepali grammar to close the sentence.

In English, we can use the word you to call all age groups. But in Nepali, we generally use the word “Tapai” to call for elder ones and “Timi” for small ones.

Furthermore, you can replace “Tapai” with “Timi” too. It depends on whom you are saying it. In the Nepali language, we wrote it as “म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु.”

For I love you a lot, or I love you so much you can say, “Ma timilai dherai maya garchu.”

Can I say I love you to anyone in Nepal?

Rather than saying I love you to anyone you meet on the way, I suggest you to say only to your close friends whom you know for a long time.

Saying I love you only is not a big thing neither a slang word; it is just a sentence to express love to someone you really care. But don’t say it to random peoples.

It’s not illegal to say just I love you, but you might get a slap from unknown people in front of the public if you did such activities.

Note that it is better not to say I love you to someone of the same of your gender. But you can say it to your very close friend from Nepal they don’t mind it.

You can say I love you in Nepal to the local kids without any fear. Play with them if you have free time and give some chocolates and say I love you to express your love.


You probably understand now how to say I love you in Nepali. If you still have any confusion or feel it difficult to pronounce it in Nepali, leave a comment below.

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