Red light areas in Nepal

red light areas in Nepal

Are you thinking of visiting Nepal for the sake of sexual activity? If yes, consider dropping your plan to visit Nepal and shift it to any other country which welcomes and adopts sex tourism. As far as I know, the top sex tourism destinations are Montreal, New York, and Thailand.

Purchasing activities related to sex is punishable in Nepal and can take you up to 8-10 years in jail. Nepal adopts adventure tourism and welcome tourists for adventure activities.

Nepal doesn’t adopt sex tourism, and there are no official red light areas in Nepal. You might have heard about some destinations where you can buy sex in Nepal, but all of them are illegal, and the government will punish them if found.


Why is sex tourism in Nepal illegal?

Nepal is a secular country. Peoples of different religions live happily here. Among which the majority of the population follows the Hindu religion. More than half of Nepal’s people follow the Hindu religion, where women considered as the lord Laxmi. So until now, sex tourism is wholly banned in Nepal.

But with the new generation and idea to promote the country and welcome even more tourists, nowadays people often discuss sex tourism, whether it is beneficial to legalize it in Nepal or not.

Some peoples said if we legalize sex in Nepal, we can reduce the number of rape cases in Nepal. It can increase tourists and locals interested in such activities, which will help boost the country’s economy like in Thailand.

A couple of months ago, some ministers raised voice on this topic about promoting and legalizing sex tourism in Nepal; they may legalize it in the future. There is a chance, but until today it is illegal in Nepal.

Possible Red light areas in Nepal

Buy and sell of sex is illegal in Nepal. The government will punish if they catch it. We used to hear in past that Nepal police raided some places and captured some couples and others doing such activities. And this type of news often forces us to think whether there are some people doing sex business in Nepal, and the government is unaware of it?

While sharing my personal experience, I have never bought sex activities in Nepal; neither I have an interest in such things. But I heard from my friends and colleagues that there are some red light areas in Nepal where people often go for sexual activity.

Today I am going to mention some of these places in this blog post. The reason for mentioning those places is not only because I heard it, but it is also because of Nepal police have a track record of these kinds of activities happened in these places.

Here are some of the possible red light areas in Nepal


Thamel is a tourist hub. It is a tourist market located in central Kathmandu. Thamel is also a favourite place to stay overnight for travellers. It is because of tourists can find everything they want in Thamel. Thamel is a market that consists of trekking agency’s offices, hiking gears, and equipment shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, etc.

You might have already heard about this place and nightlife of Thamel. When people think of doing sexual activities in Nepal, they often remember Thamel. It comes in the top list of the red light area in Nepal.

I heard that few massage centres in Thamel are trading sex under the banner of massage. Besides this, some night bars are also involved in such kinds of illegal activities. But I am not sure.

It’s been more than seven years I am living in Thamel. I always go to night clubs to enjoy with my friends every Friday, but I never experienced these. Yes, there used to be police raid in such places before some years, but not nowadays.

I don’t recomend to visit Thamel for the sake of sex, but if you are looking for nightlife, then Thamel is the best place for you to enjoy with friends. There are many night clubs, Dance Bar(Disco), Dohori Sajh, and pubs for entertainment.


Sundhara is a cheap place to stay overnight where you can find cheap guest houses for a night. It lies in the heart of Kathmandu and near Dharahara. It is a local market, and you can meet very few tourists there. There are also many dance bars and clubs to enjoy the nightlife.

It is believed that some sex trade will occur in the hotel, bars, and guesthouses located in this area. Nepal Police had raided on some guest houses many times with a couple, which justifies that there will be some kinds of the sex trade in Sundhara.

Since Police already know about that place and it is illegal in Nepal, you should consider not to visit this place for sexual activity. However, you can visit and enjoy the site during the daytime. It is a crowded local market where you can find everything at lower prices.

New Bus Park

The new bus park of Kathmandu valley, also famous as Gongabu Bus Park, is the largest in Kathmandu. This bus park joins other cities with the capital city.

You can find local buses to go to almost every city in the country. It is also a place for local Nepalese to stay overnight. And the room here is cheaper than other areas of Nepal.

The surrounded area of the bus park is filled with dance bars, night clubs, and guest houses. And it is also one of the probable red light areas in Nepal. Nepal police often raid some guest houses in this area and catch these kinds of activities, proves that there used to be sex trade in these places.

I don’t recommend to go Gongabu bus park for sexual activities because it is illegal; Police already aware of these places, and you have to stay behind the bar for several years if caught by Police.

Baglung Bus Park

Baglung Bus Park is a bus park near the second famous touristic destination of Nepal, Pokhara. Besides the places mentioned above of Kathmandu, Baglung Bus Park is one of Nepal’s suspicious red light areas for the sex trade.

It is a local bus station where you can meet only a few tourists staying overnight; otherwise, tourists choose to stay overnight at lakeside Pokhara.

The place is also popular to stay overnight for peoples to catch the next day’s morning bus to their onward destination of rural Nepal. It is also a place filled with guesthouses and some night dance bars.

Different investigations and their records proved that there used to be a sex trade in Baglung Bus Park. Nepal police often raid on some guest houses and night bars in this place.

It is not recommended to go on this place for sexual activities because it is a place that Police already know so that you are not safe. You will be punished if caught on a police raid.


Nepal does not welcome any traveller who is seeking for sexual activity. I do not recommend visiting Nepal if your intention is sex only; otherwise, Nepal is a beautiful country that you must visit once in your life. The list mentioned above of places is just a list of probable red light areas in Nepal where sex trade may happen.

Furthermore, sex is the easiest thing to sell and earn money. But Nepal has strict rules and punish for these kinds of trade-in Nepal so that it is good to stay far away from these kinds of activities in Nepal to be secure.

Have you ever been to these places and faced sexual activities and deal among buyers and sellers? Is there sex trade in those places nowadays too? Please let us know by commenting below.

Also, let us know your opinion on sex tourism. Do you think Nepal should legalize sex tourism in the country to attract more tourists to the country?

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    My opinion is not to legalise sex trade.But if a male and female like each other or happen such situations in time course of travel in Nepal between a foreigner or Nepalian please concern it a human relationship.

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