Trekking in Nepal in October

trekking in nepal in october

In comparison to other month treks, Trekking in Nepal in October is the most popular and ideal time to go to Himalaya.

October is the most popular month and the best time to visit Nepal, especially for trekking in high altitudes.

Stable and clear weather, the average temperature throughout the whole month, clear mountain views, and popular Nepali festivals makes October the perfect month to visit Nepal to experience all in one.

The month of October falls on the Mid Autumn season of Nepal, and it’s the high trekking season of Nepal.

This is the month when you will see the crowd everywhere in Nepal. From the airport to trekking trails you can see a lot of tourists.

Since it is seasonally best time to go on Himalaya, you can do any trek in Nepal during this month.

Keep in mind that if you hate crowd, then it is not the perfect time for you to visit Nepal.

To avoid the crowd and experience Nepal trekking in excellent weather you can visit Nepal either in early September or in late November.


Weather in Nepal in October

The weather condition is one of the most important things to know while planning a trek to the Himalayas.

It will vary depend upon the trekking region you choose to trek and also altitude.

In October, the monsoon completely ends and starts autumn in Nepal. So the chance of rainfall during October is very less.

During October, the temperature will neither hot nor cold. It offers stable weather, mid-temperature, and clear visibility in the mountains.

For places below 2,500 meters, expect day time temperature around 22 °C and nighttime around 8 °C.

The temperature falls drastically low in night time and starts to increase from the morning.

Likewise, in higher altitudes above 3,500 meters, the temperature during night time is somewhere around 0 °C. And above 5,000 meters, the nighttime temperature is even lower than 0 °C and around -5 °C or even -10 °C sometimes.

The higher you go, the temperature drops, it is expected to drop 5 °C on every 100-meter ascend after 4,000 meters.

It is just expected weather conditions. Make sure to check it before starting your trekking.

Best Treks in Nepal in October

I have already mentioned above that it is the best month to trek in Nepal. So feel free to go on a trek wherever you want. Here I am going to mention some of the best trekking trails of Nepal that you should consider trekking in October.

Short treks of Nepal are possible every month so that I am not going to mention those here.

Here are some of the high altitude best treks in Nepal in October.

Everest Base Camp Trek

EBC is the most popular trek in Nepal. It can be done all the months of the year, but still, we are not recommending it to do in winter months to avoid heavy snowfall and monsoon too to avoid the heavy rainfall.

October is the perfect time to trekking in Everest. The moderate temperature and ideal weather of autumn make EBC trek easier during October. The chances of rainfall are very less but still if it rains it won’t continue several hours, max for 2 / 3 hours.

The Everest base camp trek offers you the mesmerizing view of the tallest mountains, including Everest, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, and many more.

Except for mountain views, you can witness daily mountain life, Sherpa hospitality, and their culture and traditions.

During October, the EBC trail is full of beautiful rhododendrons, pine forests, and waterfalls.

Furthermore, you can also choose other trekking trails of the Everest region during October.

For example, if you want more adventure, choose Three High Passes Trek, for medium difficulty level, choose Direct EBC or EBC with Gokyo Lake or Gokyo valley only.

Similarly, for beginners or very low difficulty, choose Everest view trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Trekking to ABC is another best trek in Nepal in October. The trek offers a beautiful view of Annapurna along with Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Manaslu Himalayas.

The trek is neither long nor short; it’s just a nine-day trek that takes you to the base camp of mount Annapurna located below 4,500 meters. Since it is a medium elevation trek, everyone can do it.

The favourable weather of the autumn season is a plus point to trek Annapurna base camp in October.

There will be thousands of trekkers during October. You have still less crowded than the Everest region. You can experience a beautiful sunrise view from Poon Hill as well.

Blooming rhododendron, forest, and other flowers make your journey fantastic. You can explore Gurung village and enjoy their culture.

If you want to go on a high altitude trek but want to avoid the massive crowd of Everest, you can consider trekking in the Annapurna circuit. It takes you to the high mountain pass of Thorong La at an altitude of 5,416 m, but still, it’s doable in October.

To trek on a quite route, you can consider planning a trip to Mardi Himal too. It is gaining popularity nowadays and perfect alternative of Annapurna base camp crowd.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu circuit is a trek to a remote region of Manaslu, located far from the city’s lifestyle.

The trek takes you to the high mountain pass of 5,160 meters at Larkya La Pass. It is almost impossible to complete this trek during winter months because the Larke La Pass is too steep while descending.

October is the best month to trek in Manaslu and finish it without any difficulty.

It’s gaining more popularity nowadays due to its remoteness, unique cultural experience, and superb mountain views (Manaslu and Annapurna Himalayas) and tea house facilities. Still, in Peak October season there will be fewer trekkers then Annapurna and Everest trekking trails.

Sunrise over the world’s eighth highest mountain – Mt Manaslu (8,163m), Beautiful view of Manaslu base camp, and Birendra Lake is a major attraction of Manaslu trek in October.

Manaslu has another trekking trail too, which is Tsum valley. You can go to Tsum valley to experience even more remote trekking in Nepal and trek with almost no other trekkers.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley is all time doable and medium elevation trekking in Nepal. It’s just seven days trek and near Kathmandu too. And the trek leads you to the Langtang National Park and it’s valley.

Beautiful mountain views of Langtang region (Langtang Lirung, Gauri Shanker, Dorje Lakpa), Cheese factory, Local mountain culture, and high altitude monastery, Kyanjin Gompa are some of the major attraction of the trek.

The top of Tsekro Ri, located above 4,500 meters, offers an impressive sunrise view of mountains, but you can avoid climbing it too if you want to enjoy on lower elevation only.

Langtang has other trekking trails that are entirely doable in October, such as Gosaikunda Lake and the Helambu village trail.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang, popular with the best rain shadow trekking area of Nepal for Monsoon Months, is completely doable in autumn. In Fact, October is the perfect month to visit there.

It is in a Tibetan Plateau, and local living in the Upper region of Mustang follows Tibetan culture. So, geographically, the trekking is almost like visiting Tibet.

The trek offers mesmerizing mountain views, including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri. During October, it’s even more clear views. The trek also gives you the opportunity to explore some ancient caves and monasteries as well as the historical royal palace of Lo Manthang too.

Only a few trekkers will visit this route. So, even in the peak season of October, it has very fewer trekkers on the way. You can enjoy your trek fully.

Reasons to choose October for Trekking in Nepal

  • It’s autumn, the best time to visit Nepal both naturally and culturally. And autumn has very fewer chances of rainfall during the trek.
  • You can experience the two big festivals in Nepal, Dashain and Tihar.
  • Beautiful and stable weather provides breathtaking views of mountains, even from low altitudes.
  • You can meet trekkers from all over the world and make some new foreign friends in Nepal at restaurants, Hotels, and trekking trails.

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in October

  • Do not trek alone, Trek with a partner (if possible in a group) because of it is peak season, and you might not get excellent accommodation if you are alone.
  • Book everything (Hotel, trekking packages, and flights) before travelling to Nepal. Please do not wait for last-minute deals because it is the peak month, and it filled up quickly.
  • Bring Down jackets, warm clothes, and a sleeping bag with linear for high altitude treks. The days are sunny, you can trek with trekking shorts and t-shirts, but the temperature goes below 0 °C during nights.
  • If you are planning a trek with high mountain passes in between, choose an experienced guide who has been there at least five times.


Nepal trekking is possible in all months; you just need to select a trek by keeping in mind your physical fitness and current weather condition.

But October is a month when the weather will help you challenge your choice of the trek in Nepal. No restrictions at all.  All trekking routes will be open in October.

Moderate temperature, perfect climatic conditions of this month heightens the beauty of the trek.

It is peak season means lots of tourists everywhere in Nepal; hence, pre-booking is necessary to avoid hassle later.

Trekking in Nepal in October is the best holiday that you can remember a lifetime. Let us help you to make it possible.

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