Nepal is a country that locates in between China and India. Nepal is a great place to visit. People who enjoy the nature of beauty, cultures and traditional, Nepal will be a good choice. There will a lot of adventures like mountaineering, trekking, rafting and wildlife safari.

If you are not interested in sports, there are village tours and culture tours. Visiting Kathmandu valley, Lumbini or even Pokhara will be a choice for you. There are many places in Nepal have been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to know about the history of the royal palace, you will get your knowledge in Narayanhiti palace museum. The majority of the local follows either Hinduism or Buddhism. Locals practiced their religion harmoniously which is a unique example of tolerance and understanding.

You will be able to visit the temples in the cities. You will get to know about their lifestyles and cultures of the locals. You can also visit their monastery. In Nepal, old traditional artisan skills are continuing until today. It is famous for Carpets, Thanka (Painting of Gods) Newari Wood Carving, and other more.

You would want to get one of this as you may hardly get handcraft nowadays in this century. The food in Nepal is more toward Indian and Tibetan styles of cooking. Most of the locals use their right hand instead of cutlery to eat. They do not eat beef due to their religion. Hindus worship cow and also cow is also the national animal of Nepal. Why not plan your tour with us today. Experience the culture and tradition in Nepal which you will never have it before.

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