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Hmm, where should be my next trekking place? Nepal is a place for you to go to. What makes Nepal so unique for trekking? Nepal is in the middle of the Himalayas, eight out of ten of the highest mountain peaks is in Nepal. Due to the position, trekking becomes an attraction for tourist. You wouldn’t want to miss the trek that is surrounded by nature here. There are different difficulties of the trek; you can choose the treks based on your fitness. Specific treks need a substantial level of physical stamina, so be prepared with your fitness. Wondering how to get to Nepal, you will be able to fly into Tribhuvan International Airport, located in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Forgotten to pack some things for your trekking, you can do some shopping there.

Since Nepal is a haven for trekkers, there will locals around the hill region making a living out of it. You will be able to know their culture, festival, etc. as you trek along the mountains. You will be able to try their local food on your way of trekking. For accommodations, you may be sleeping in teahouse or camping depending which part of trek and mountain you are in.

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